After a long and very unintentional hiatus, I’m back! You all can feel free to request anything you want to me. I’m try to keep posting daily or every other day at least, but help me by keeping requesting things!

I’m miss you all very much so I’m so glad to be back! I’m so sorry for the very long break I took, it was not intentional, I had a lot of things to do and now that they all are out of the way, I’ll be back here more often now.


I’m trying!!! I’ve been so busy lately D:

Posted 1 year ago

Love u sooo much Dan! Ii'm from Brazil and probably i'll never see you, so, i sent this here just for you know... xoxo.

I’m not Dan, but I’m sure he appreciates it! :) xx

Posted 1 year ago

what is the font you're using for subtitles?


Posted 1 year ago

I'm just going to say Thank you Somehow you appeared on my dash a while back and I ended up finding out about Dan and other youtubers because of you so I just wanted to say thank you for making these gifs because without them I probably wouldn't have rediscovered youtube, also your gifs rock and you should know you're amazing


thank you so much, bb! <3 :’3 this is the sweetest message.

Okay so

I was going to get on tonight to make some gifs because of there are requests that I need to fill but this new Tumblr update make it impossible for me to use on my computer right now and I have to be on mobile just to post this because my internet is so slow and my laptop cannot handle whatever Tumblr have done that make it so slow right now. Until it get better, posts are slowly will dwindle.

Posted 1 year ago

what do you use to sharpen your gifs?


I use Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen > Amount 500% > Radius 0.3 > More Accuracy

Make sure you clicking More Accuracy or it won’t look as good.

Alright, I must be off to bed because it is quite late here. But I will be on more tomorrow so if you’ll have any requests, leave them for me! :) Goodnight!

Posted 1 year ago